All The Cheeky Details

You’re thinking about reserving a photo booth, and you thought, “Hey, maybe I should check out the details!” Great idea- here you go:

bride and groom happy to use a cheeky photo booth rental at wedding
How long have you been doing this? Are you qualified?

We started Cheeky Booth photo booth rental in 2010. We’re photographers, so the quality of the images and the experience of using the booth is very important. And as local, small business owners, your satisfaction means a lot to us.

Is the booth really a booth?

Yes. We think it’s rubbish that some companies call a backdrop set up against a wall “a booth” simply because they stuck a camera in front of it. How is that even a booth??

Why is Cheeky Booth Better?

What makes Cheeky Booth amazing is that you step inside and close the curtain. With the press of a button, you control when your session starts. And, without the watchful eye of an attendant or other guests, you can feel free to get cheeky! Cheeky Booth was designed to be intimate for one or two people, while also being big enough for larger groups.

What kind of Equipment does Cheeky Booth Use?

Kinda personal and nit-picky, don’t you think? No, no, we get it. We want to brag anyway. While we could have gotten by with a webcam or a cheap camera, we chose to over-build Cheeky Booth.  The professional DSLRs cameras and the lighting equipment we use are just like we use at our own photography studio. What that means to you is a crisper image and a quality difference that you can clearly see!

It also means that you can feel confident printing any sized photographs from your included USB flash drive. Two 2×6 strips automatically print out for every session photographed in the booth. Our standard strips have 4 images each. Strips can be customized with the addition of names, dates and logos, color or black & white images.

The printer we use is a dye-sublimation, photo quality printer that uses real photo paper. This is important because it’s not some cheap ink-jet printer that will give you terrible photos. When your friend spills his drink on his photo strip, the ink won’t run because these are real photos.

How much room does the booth need?

The booth itself is 3 feet by 6 feet. Remember to save room for a table of props and the scrapbook. The booth requires a standard electrical outlet for power.