What’s Included

photo booth reantal photo stripsOkay, you’re wondering which pert little package you should pick and what’s all included. Totally understand. Let me give you the rundown:

  • Set-up and removal of booth {I love when booth rental companies say this- like you’d really have to set up the booth yourself? But, just so you know, we do that for you.}
  • The booth attendant {Hanging out with you the WHOLE time. Totally not awkward.}
  • Unlimited photo strips {Well, actually it’s limited to how fast your friends go through the booth, but we won’t put any limits on how many or how fast.}
  • Color or B&W {Chosen before the event}
  • Custom photo banner {Personalize with your name and date, or your logo. Or add your hashtag, like you’re some kind of social media #mastermind. <- See what I did there??}
  • Props {You’re welcome to bring your own, but ours are pretty cool.}
  • USB flash drive of the digital images {You can make prints or post them online. Or use them to blackmail your friends.}
  • Scrapbook, optional with some packages {Because saving the photo strips in a book is way better than throwing them away.}