Why You Need An Attendant

Let’s face it: Your friends are cheeky lil buggers.

The booth is totally automated, from the moment you push the button to start the booth photo session until those two photo strips print out and you grab them up from the slot. But, even though we could get away with leaving the booth unattended, we wouldn’t dream of it.

We would feel really bad if Grandma was left, sitting all alone in the booth, not knowing how to get the camera started. She needs us to show her where the Start Button is located.kid at wedding props cheeky photo booth rental wisconsin and iowa

Plus, you know what happens when your friends are having a good time at your party. They may start enjoying themselves a bit too much. They may get a little out of hand, if you know what I mean. (And you know what I mean.)

That’s why we always have a booth attendant with every booth rental.

We like to make sure that we have someone there to direct traffic, to help people in and out of the booth, to remind them where that Start Button is located. The attendant makes sure people are using the booth and having fun, and just generally keeps the mayhem under control.

Plus, on the off-chance that something goes wrong, we are right there to fix it. We want to make sure your booth is running well throughout your whole event.

But we can’t fix your bugger friends. That’s your problem.