Why You Need The Digital Files

Your friends are going to take some audacious photos in the booth.

guest at wedding dressed up props cheeky photo booth rentalRemember that one terrible photo that your friend took of you? You didn’t even know he was taking it and you wish he would just delete it already! He has the audacity to show it to other people, too, like it’s sooo hilarious. Wait- did he just POST that online for EVERYONE to see??

Revenge is sweet.

With Cheeky Booth photo booth rentals, you get all the digital images from the booth sessions on a smart, little USB flash drive. This is great for you to be able to see all the images from the whole event, plus you can share them online and make one your new profile picture. You can even get crafty and make them into popsicle Christmas ornaments to give out as gifts.photo_strip_from_photo_booth_rental

Or as blackmail for that terrible photo your friend really needs to delete.